Welcome to Lucky’s cafe!!

All our meals are prepared fresh to order in the kitchen. This allows us to be flexible, when possible, with menu options. For example, if you fancy a panini or a sandwich that is not on the menu, feel free to ask if we can accommodate your preference!

This also means that when we are busy and have lots of food orders, we must allow up to 45 minutes waiting period for food, as we are not simply pulling food out of a freezer and microwaving it. We have tried to incorporate as wide a menu as we can manage, including healthy options for both parents and children. Our Children’s Salad, and toddler finger food plates, have been a real hit. We understand that some children have very set ideas about their food; if you child cannot abide their beans touching their fries, or really hates cucumber, just let us know and we’ll make sure to separate or exclude.

The majority of our cakes and bakes are homemade by our staff, namely Bev, who is a baking superhero! She can put her mind to anything, if you have a suggestion for a specific kind of cake, please let us know. She loves a challenge!

And last but definitely not least, if you or your child has a food intolerance or allergy, please inform a member of staff when ordering food. Whilst we cannot guarantee that all the products we cook with in the kitchen are allergen free, we have an extensive file detailing what our foods contain and will always show packaging to customers who suffer allergies.


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